NURS 6630: Psychopharmalogical Approaches to Treat Psychopathology

PSY 790Final ProjectGuidelinesand Rubric

PSY 790Final ProjectGuidelinesand RubricOverviewAs the final step in your journey toward your master of science degreein psychology, you will complete a capstone project that integrates the knowledge and skills you have developed in previous coursework and over the duration of the term by creating a research concept paper and professional presentation that will be developed for an identified target audience. You will also reflect on your journey through the psychology program and how you plan to position yourself professionally.The capstone project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold to the final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Four, and Six. The final capstone project will be submitted in Module Nine.

This capstone will be assessed somewhat differently than other courses you have taken online at SNHU. There are threeseparate componentsof the project, but they all operate together to make up the whole capstone experience and are notassessed separately. You will be evaluated on all three components as a unit in determining whether you have demonstrated proficiency ineach outcome. Your instructor will guide you through this process, keeping a running narrative of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the course outcomes as you progress through the class. Your work is expected to meet the highest professional standards.

In this assignment,you will demonstrateyour mastery of the following course outcomes: Advocate for and extendpsychology’s role and responsibility in promoting agency and the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, and organizationsAdapt to shifting demands and ill-structured problems by critically evaluating the relevance, priority, and appropriateness of various information and potential courses of actionDesign, conduct, and evaluate research through the lens of its potential to advance knowledge in psychology as well as the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, and organizationsIntegrate psychological theories, methods, and research to generate new knowledge and promote agency and the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, and organizationsIncorporate empathy, reflectivity, and an appreciation for collaboration and diversity of perspectives into efforts to promote agency and the psychological well-being of individuals, communities, andorganizationsProtect the integrity and professional responsibility of psychology through the demonstration of ethical comportment in all aspects of the profession

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