NU499 Bachelors Capstone in Nursing

NU499 Unit 7 Assigment

Assignment Details

Creation of the Population Health Plan

This Assignment will focus on the concept of population health management. The focus of population health management is “value-based” care. Population health management utilizes a strategy of improving the delivery of care, containing healthcare costs, and improving the health of the overall community (Mullahy, 2016). Population health management is also connected to reimbursement, as healthcare systems are tasked with prevention of readmissions and working with community leaders to decrease/reduce the number of persons with conditions such as obesity and incidence of smoking (Mullahy, 2016).

Mullahy, C. M. (2016). The case manager’s handbook (6th ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

In this Assignment, you are asked to use the Population Health Model (PHM) Template to create an approach to addressing the health needs of those individuals from your POI from a population-health focus, which will be your Population Health Plan (PHP). This means addressing the following: defining the population, identifying gaps in care, reviewing risks, plan for patient engagement, managing care, measuring outcomes, and identifying pertinent stakeholders. The successful completion of the Assignment includes:

  • Completion of Population Health Model Template


  • 2–3 pages of written discussion following the model, describing each aspect you have added to the model
  • Summary/conclusion paragraph
  • 3­–5 scholarly references

*Population Health Model Template: You are free to use a different template or create your own; however, the template must have all described components to receive full points.

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