NU499 Bachelors Capstone in Nursing

NU499 Unit 5 Discussion

Please review the Discussion Board Participation Grading Rubric under Course Resources in the Grading Rubrics section.

This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your postings should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion.

Please see the Writing Center located in the Student Portal for assistance with writing, APA, and online communication.

Topic 1: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

In this Discussion, the topic will be legal and ethical issues related to the innovative technologies used in health care. Pick a topic such as telehealth, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, electronic health records, or another innovative technological advancement in health care, and then discuss at least three legal and/or ethical issues to consider with the use of this new technology and your POI. Please use at least two scholarly resources and use in-text citations in this Discussion. Please be sure to cite your sources.

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