NU450 Public Health Nursing - Population-Centered Healthcare in the community

NU450: Unit 4 Discussion

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Discussion Topic: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (Case Study)

This Discussion topic is based on a case study. As in all case studies, review the facts of the case and consider public health nursing practice order to address the critical thinking questions.

A public health nurse assigned to a district that includes a large urban school system notes that the incidence of human papillomavirus (HPV) in young women with abnormal pap smears has risen. Because of the increased yield of screening tests when they are used with at-risk groups, public health professionals can institute interventions and education that can make a difference in health outcomes. Developing partnerships with the school community and relationships with parents may result in improved outcomes for this population. As a public health nurse, you know there are many factors involved when educating at-risk populations about the importance of disease prevention. Strategies used to address this concern may also be effective when addressing other infectious diseases. In your discussion:

  1. Identify recommendations the CDC has put forth about HPV vaccines and other immunizations.
  2. Discuss risk behaviors for HPV.
  3. Discuss social, cultural, and legal factors that may influence the decision to immunize.

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