NU444 Transcultural Nursing

NU444: Unit 3 Discussion

Topic: Differentiating between Global Health Initiatives

Get your passports ready! You are taking a trip to explore one country and culture of interest and the global health initiatives that support their needs. In this Discussion, please share the following information using evidence-based practice to support your thoughts:

  1. What global health initiative are you exploring based on the country/culture of interest you chose (i.e., Guatemala/G.A.I.N., Philippines/Malaria, LGBQ/HIV/AIDS)?
  2. What is the history of need for each global health initiative?
  3. Who funds the global health initiative?
  4. Where are the initiatives implemented (rural areas, urban areas, hospitals, mobile clinics, etc.)?
  5. Have the global health initiatives been successful with their missions thus far?
  6. What is the role of the transcultural nurse in the global health initiative?

To assist you in your search for global health initiatives, please visit the following sites:

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