NU420 Leadership and Management in the Changing Health care Environment

NU420: Unit 5 Assignment

Assignment Details

Course Outcome assessed in this assignment:

NU420-3: Analyze current trends for nursing leadership related to nursing recruitment, retention, and engagement in the workplace.


  1. Explain the relationship among mission, vision, and philosophy in an organizational structure.
  2. Analyze how organizational structure impacts nurse leaders.
  3. Investigate current research in staffing and productivity.
  4. Explore the relationship between the nurse leader and employee engagement.
  5. Generate a plan for the nurse leader to increase recruitment and retention in the workplace.

Assignment Background:

You are the nurse manager at a skilled nursing facility. There has been tremendous nurse burnout and turnover at your facility. Next Tuesday, the CEO and CFO of your organization are coming to assess the situation. You must explain to these stakeholders the current trends for nursing leadership related to nursing recruitment, retention, and engagement in the workplace. The goal of your presentation is to help influence your stakeholders to increase funding and make allowances for you to create positive change for a healthier workplace.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Create a 5–10-slide PowerPoint® presentation, excluding the title and reference slide(s), for the CEO and CFO that includes the following information:
    1. Analyze reasons for nurse burnout and the high turnover rate;
    2. Evaluate the best methods for the nurse manager to increase recruitment and retention;
    3. Correlate the relationship between staffing, productivity, and quality leadership for employee engagement.
  2. Please use at least three (3) scholarly resources to support your ideas.
  3. Be creative. Use images, charts, animations, and anything else you may need to accurately get your point across to the reader.
  4. You must include speaker’s notes to elaborate on the information you provide in the slides. Please review the tips below for further guidance on creating a meaningful Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Use the speaker’s notes section of PowerPoint®. It is very useful for writing out the majority of the information you want to present.
  2. The slides should be clutter free, simple, and with bullets. Keep it clear and concise.
  3. You MUST use citations and references in APA format.
    1. For clarification: citations are in the body of your work, are for paraphrased items/phrases, and directly quoted items/phrases. References go at the end of the project on the last slide. The listed reference should match the authors’ names in the citations. They always go hand in hand. You cannot have references without citations, or vice versa.
  4. You do need to cite and reference pictures if they are from a webpage, book, or journal. You do not need to cite and reference pictures from clipart.
  5. Use the Grading Rubric/Assignment Instructions to title your slides so you do not miss any important topics.

Submit your completed PowerPoint® Assignment to the Dropbox.

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