NU433 Case Management Across the Continuum of Care

NU420: Unit 2 Assignment

Assignment Details

Course Outcome assessed in this assignment:

NU420-1: Evaluate the relationship between leadership/management theories and organizational effectiveness for quality nursing practice.


  1. Review the provided Case Study.
  2. Using at least two scholarly resources to support ideas, thoroughly discuss the topics following the Case Study in the linked out worksheet.

Case Study:

You have just taken over the nurse manager job on a medical surgical unit. The nurse manager that was previously in the position left abruptly two weeks ago. An alternate nurse manager from the telemetry unit next door has been filling in to help with staffing, but has provided little management and supervision to the unit. When you walk around the unit throughout your first day of work and settle into reviewing the paperwork on your desk, you notice several issues that need to be addressed:

  • The day nurses are choosing the patients for the night nurses, and the night nurses are choosing patients for the day nurses. Some nurses have extremely light loads, while others have extremely heavy loads. The nurses are choosing patients for their friends without consideration for staffing, patient load, and quality care factors. When you inquire about the prior staffing assignments system, the nurses replied, “Whatever it was, it was never enforced. So we took over.”
  • HCAHPS survey scores are extremely low in several categories including: “Your Care From Nurses” and “Your Experiences in this Hospital.”
  • The supply closets on the unit are barren. Staff are using whatever they can find in patients’ rooms and sometimes in other units.
  • Patient readmission rates are 20% higher than those of the rest of the hospital.

Please answer the following questions/topics in a detailed paragraph form using scholarly resources. APA format must be used for all in-text citations. You should have a reference page in APA format as well. No title page is needed.

Download the Assignment Worksheet.

Submit your completed worksheet Assignment to the Dropbox.

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