NU416: Chronicity Within Nursing Care Across The Lifespan

NU416 UNIT 6 Assignment

Assignment Details

SPICES Case Study

Outcome assessed in this Assignment:

NU416-4: Appraise holistic assessment data on patients with co-morbid chronic illness across the lifespan, including symptom recognition and self-care strategies.

As the first step in the nursing process, assessment is very important for those with chronic illness and co-morbid conditions. Traditional physical assessments involve the collection of objective and subjective data that relate to a client’s physiological health, but many other factors influence the health of those with chronic illness.

For this Clinical Practice Experience Assignment, you will prepare a paper that illustrates the importance of screening tools to support a holistic assessment of those with chronic and co-morbid conditions. You will describe the results of your completed assessment.

Create your Assignment in accordance with the Holistic Assessment Guide and using the Holistic Assessment Template located under Course Documents.

Complete the Clinical Practice Experience Log located under Course Documents and attach to your final submission.

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