ACCT 1004S: Fundamentals of Accounting NU333 Health Assesment for the Nursing Professional

NU333 Unit 7 Discussion

Neurologic Assessment

D. A. is a 68-year-old man with a history of insulin-controlled diabetes. He has come to the emergency department because of burns on his feet. He soaked his feet in the morning and then put on his socks and work boots. After he returned home and took off his shoes and socks, he discovered that the skin of his feet was completely burned off. He states he did not notice a thing all day because his feet are “always numb and tingling” (Jarvis, 2012).

  • What are your first nursing actions after you assume care of this patient?
  • What neurologic assessment techniques would be important to include in this patient’s assessment?  Provide a rationale for the use of these techniques.
  • What subjective data would you collect from this patient?
  • How would you educate this patient related to his reason for seeking care? Provide supporting evidence for your education.

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