NU333 Unit 5 Discussion

Body System Interrelatedness

S.P. is a 75-year-old female who presents to the provider’s office with fatigue.

Subjective Data

PMH: HTN, hyperlipidemia, MI 3 years ago

Fatigue started about a month ago, getting worse

Relieved with rest, exacerbated with activity

Denies chest pain

Ankles swollen

Objective Data

Vital signs: T 37 P 112 R 18 BP 110/54

Lungs: bilateral lower lobe crackles

O2 Sat = 94%

Skin = cool to touch

CV = heart rate regular, positive peripheral pulses, ECG = no changes

+2 edema bilateral ankles

Medications: Metoprolol 20 mg per day, 325 mg of aspirin per day (Jarvis, 2012).

  • What other questions should the nurse ask about the fatigue? Provide a rationale for why these questions are important to your assessment.
  • What kind of education would you provide S.P. based on the findings above and why?
  • Think of some abnormal findings, and data, from assessments of other body systems/regions and why they might prompt you to look more closely at the heart.

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