NU310 Research Guided Evidence Based Nurse Practice

NU310 Unit 8 Assignment

Assignment Details

Outcomes addressed:

NU310-5: Integrate evidence into clinically relevant, interprofessional practice.

GEL 6.04: Evaluate usefulness of sources.

Read the following article “20 Questions: Evidence-based practice or Sacred Cow?

Choose one of the 20 questions that you want to learn more about or that is relevant to your scope of practice. Find one current (within 5-10 years) primary research study that supports or rejects the research question you select. Explain in a 2-3 page paper how this research can fill gaps in the current knowledge base and improve quality of care. Your paper should address the description of the topic/problem and summary of the research study and how it supports or does not support the chosen topic or problem. The paper should also address:

  1. Research design (ie quantitative, qualitative, type of study)
  2. Sample, setting, how data was collected and the outcome of the study

The paper should adhere to APA format with cover page and a reference list with 3 scholarly references that are current (within 5-10 years).

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