NU310 Research Guided Evidence Based Nurse Practice

NU310 Unit 2 Discussion

Clinical Problems

Briefly discuss a clinical problem/topic that is nursing/patient focused and that really interests you. Include in your discussion why this problem has significance for patient care. Provide as a reference a scholarly research report from the University library that supports the clinical problem/topic you chose.

Unit 2 Discussion Topic 2 Discussion Topic

Task: Reply to this topic

After viewing the tutorial via the link below, state a research question using the PICO format below that addresses the clinical topic.

PICO format Tutorial:

  • Population: Who is your population of interest?
  • Intervention: What intervention are you going to implement to address your problem or clinical topic/focus?
  • Comparison: Are you going to make comparisons to see which works best?
  • Outcome: What do you expect the outcome to be?

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