HWE498: Health and Wellness Capstone

HWE498 Week 4 – Assignment 2


In order to prepare for an upcoming live interview, it is critical to practice interview techniques and commonly asked questions.

  • Review the Complete a Mock Interview on My Career (Links to an external site.) and the Interview Questions & Tips (Links to an external site.) modules and select seven questions for the purpose of this assignment.
    Tip: It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with all available questions (and create ideal responses) since each of these could be asked in your interview.
  • Paste your selected seven questions into a PPT presentation format (each question should be on a separate slide).
  • Create your personal responses to your selected questions (be specific and provide examples when applicable). This can be done by taking notes; however, do not paste your responses on the PPT slides as the slides should only include your questions. Instead, you will record your responses as you will see in the next step. Your response to each question should not exceed two minutes.
  • When you feel confident in your responses, record your mock interview session (state your questions and the appropriate responses) via one of the following options: Jing  downloador Screencast-O-Matic  download.
  • Submit the link to your recording on a word document to Waypoint for grading.

The Interviewing Assignment

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