HWE498: Health and Wellness Capstone

HWE498 Week 1 – Assignment

Week 1 – Assignment

  • Due May 17 by 11:59pm
  • Points 4
  • Submitting an external tool

Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is an excellent way to convey your skills while networking and seeking employment. Typically an elevator speech is a one (1) minute summary of who you are, why you are qualified, and what you have to offer the organization/industry. A brief sales pitch will ensure that you are prepared to discuss your career goals whenever the opportunity presents itself. Some examples of where you could use your elevator speech are at a networking event, job interview, or social setting. 

Professional Summary examples

Hi, my name is John. I am completing my Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management at the University of Arizona Global Campus. For the past five years, I have worked in the food service industry in a management role where I was able to reduce costs and increase revenues. I am looking for increased management responsibilities as a district manager where I can improve productivity and increase profitability.

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