HWE415: Stress Management

HWE415 Week 1 – Assignment

Character Study

[WLOs: 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 1, 2, and 3 from the course text, read the article by Keller et al., (2012), Does the Perception That Stress Affects Health Matter? The Association With Health and Mortality, and watch Seriously Stressed. Many of you may be familiar with the classic tale of George Bailey (James Stewart) in It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey portrays a young man who encounters many major life events. Although he has ambitions to go to college and travel the world, the death of his father crushes his dreams. He decides to stay in his home town to manage the family business, Bailey Building and Loan. Over the years, Henry F. Potter, George’s nemesis, tries to overtake the family business as it struggles with financial difficulties. As time passes, George Bailey marries and has four children. George’s major stressor presents itself, and the way he perceives and reacts to this stressor, paves the way for the outcome of the movie. While George tries to run away from this stressor, the support of his family and friends help him through it.

To get a brief overview of the movie, watch It’s a Wonderful Life Trailer (Links to an external site.) (2:11). Be sure to watch Frank Capra’s 1946 version of the film. Then search for the following clips that depict some of George’s stressful moments:

View for the fight or flight response:

Use the HWE 415 Week 1 Assignment Template  downloadprovided, and address the following elements in your Character Study:

  • Identify four of George’s stressors; these can be distressful or eustressful events.
    • Support these examples of stress with the course text.
  • Assess George’s physiological, social, and emotional reactions to these stressors in the movie.
    • Provide two examples of George’s physiological reactions.
    • Provide two examples of George’s social reactions.
    • Provide two examples of George’s emotional reactions to his stressors.
    • Use the course text as a minimum to support your response; the movie should be cited when it is being explained.

Throughout the movie, George encounters many stressors, but there are two major stress events that he must decide whether to “fight or flight.” The fight-or-flight response is a way the body reacts to stress. When faced with a stressor, the body prepares to fight it or run away from it. After watching the video clips above,

Please note: The full version of It’s A Wonderful Life may be found on Websites like Vimeo (Links to an external site.)  It can also be purchased or rented for a minimal charge from YouTube or other media sites.

The Character Study assignment

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