HRMT650: Current Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

HRMT650: Unit 2 – Individual Project

Assignment Details:

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) of 1935 was established to help protect the rights of employees and employers, encourage collective bargaining, and discourage harmful labor and management practices. It also created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). When employees work at a unionized company, the union negotiates for wages, hours, and other workplace factors. However, if an employee or group of employees finds that their company is not following parts of the collective bargaining agreement, they can file a grievance. In your assignment, please answer the following questions:

  • Based upon your experience or recent research, what are some examples of grievances?
  • If you had to report a grievance to the NLRB, what steps would you take?
  • Using recent examples, what are the differences between mediation and arbitration?
  • If you were a human resources (HR) professional, what strategies would you recommend the company take to create a work climate where disputes could be resolved and grievances are a last resort?

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Individual Project Rubric

The Individual Project (IP) Grading Rubric is a scoring tool that represents the performance expectations for the IP. This Individual Project Grading Rubric is divided into components that provide a clear description of what should be included within each component of the IP. It’s the roadmap that can help you in the development of your IP.

ExpectationPoints PossiblePoints EarnedComments
Assignment-Specific: Provide recent examples of grievances30
Assignment-Specific: Describe the steps to report grievances to the NLRB30
Assignment-Specific: Analyze the differences between mediation and arbitration using recent examples30
Assignment-Specific: Describe strategies for creating a work climate25
Professional Language: Assignment contains accurate grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation with few or no errors. (APA formatting is required or style specified in assignment).10
Total Points125
Total Points Earned

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