EDU588: Student Services

EDU588: Week 4 – Assignment

Week 4 – Assignment

Conduct and Report on the Interview

[WLOs: 4, 5] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Prior to beginning this assignment, read the resource A Short Guide for Conducting Research Interviews (Links to an external site.) and the article Bridging the Gaps: Connecting Student Services to Promote Student Success (Links to an external site.).

Now that you have selected a student services topic category, refined and identified a related issue, and scheduled an interview to take place during or before Day 2 of Week 4 (which is Wednesday of this week), it is time to conduct your interview (if you have not already done so), and write up a report on how it went and your thoughts going forward toward the Final Paper.

During the interview, you are required to ask, at minimum, the following six questions, plus the two or three questions you developed on your selected topic area and issue, plus any other questions that address areas important to you:

  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in student services?
  • What skills/competencies do you feel are necessary for a career in student services and why?
  • What do you think is the purpose of student services in higher education?
  • What are some strategies for being successful in the field of student services?
  • What are some challenges with a career in student services?
  • How do you collaborate with faculty to support student success?

As an optional exercise, address any other considerations, ideas, nuances, or resources that may help you consider a career in student services.

This assignment should include and address the following items:

  • Summarize briefly the interviewee’s responses to the main questions you asked, including the five required questions, and the two or three questions you wrote in Week 1 (and may have refined since then) on your selected topic area and issue. (This will require that you provide the questions as well as summarize the answers.)
  • Describe in more depth what you consider the main points of your interview, including citations of the most important and useful exchanges that took place.
  • Explain the major takeaways from the interview and how you intend to integrate the associated insights into your Final Paper.
  • Identify remaining questions or new questions that came up during the interview.
  • Describe research you might undertake regarding these questions before you write the Final Paper.

The Conduct and Report on the Interview paper

For further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an external site.).

Review the Writing Center’s Grammarly (Links to an external site.) page before you submit your written assignment. Set up a Grammarly account (if you have not already done so), and use Grammarly to review a rough draft of your assignment. Then, carefully review all issues identified by Grammarly and revise your work as needed.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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