EDU587: Adult Learning and Development

EDU587: Week 4 – Discussion

Week 4 – Discussion

Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.

 The Digital Divide [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3]

Technology is affecting what we learn and how we learn, and to a great extent, how we teach. However, there is a digital divide in the country and the world that may have a great impact on how and where we learn. The term digital divide refers to the gap between demographics and regions that have access to and are more technology literate than others. In the course textbook, the authors note that the digital divide is global with the more economically developed countries being more privileged in terms of Internet access. Within the United States, age, income, and education are key variables determining technical literacy and access. Some argue that online learning can exacerbate the digital divide. Before beginning this discussion, read the textbook Chapter 10 “Adult Learning in the Digital Age” and the Inverso, Kobrin, and Hashmi (2017) article “Leveraging Technology in Adult Education.”

In your initial prompt, assess the debate about the digital divide, addressing the following questions:

  • Do online learning and other manifestations of communication and information technology exacerbate the digital divide or not? How or how not?
  • Has online learning provided opportunities beyond traditional learning environments (brick-and-mortar setting) for adults? If so, have these opportunities worked against the notion of a digital divide?

Guided Response: Respond to at least two peers by Day 5. In your responses, discuss with your peers ways in which online course technology can exacerbate and/or mitigate inequality of informational and knowledge resources across and between countries. Critically assess the concept of a digital divide.

Though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you, including the instructor. Responding to the replies given to you will further the conversation and provide additional opportunities for you to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real-world experiences with this topic. In addition to offering comments, question your peers about their responses to encourage further conversation.

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