EDU586: Foundations of American Higher Education

EDU586: Week 1 – Assignment

Week 1 – Assignment

Historical Timeline

[WLOs: 1, 2] [CLOs: 1, 3]

For this assignment, you will create a media-based timeline of historical events and milestones relating to the higher education-related topic you selected.

Note that you will continue to refine the information provided on your timeline and add new events and milestones. The final timeline, which will include no fewer than 10 events and milestones, will be submitted in Week 6 as part of your final Analysis Review assignment, and will align with and support the substance and analysis offered by that assignment.

For this assignment, your timeline should include no fewer than five events and milestones and be drawn to a scale (i.e., include start and end dates) based on the period of relevant history. For example, if you chose Title IX as your topic, the first event shown might be the passage of the Civil Rights Act, which offered the initial protections to which Title IX is an extension, and a historically significant event could be:

March 22, 1988: Congress overrides a veto by President Reagan and passes the Civil Rights Restoration Act, which overturns the Supreme Court’s ruling in Grove City College v. Bell. The law states that any institution receiving federal funds must comply with Title IX in all its programs and activities.

Substantive requirements for the timeline assignment are as follows:

  • Create a media-based historical timeline that identifies no fewer than five major milestones of higher education based on your topic through the relevant periods. This timeline should be exported from the tool that created it to a graphic file that you will paste into the Word document that is the deliverable for this assignment.
  • For the written part of the assignment, first specify the topic category and topic you have chosen for this course (from your Week 1 Post Your Introduction discussion). For example: “I have chosen the topic category of Free College Tuition and will examine the opportunities and benefits such a program would offer to communities that have lost jobs due to deindustrialization and scaling down of extraction industries such as coal mining.”
  • Conclude with a paragraph that summarizes the relevance of the items listed and the historical sequence illustrated to your selected topic and associated questions and issues. What questions do you have about your topic based on the chronology shown?

The following are media tools that may be used for the creation of your timeline. Other tools that can be used to author timelines can be found on the Web and you may use any that serves your purpose.

Your presentation should include a minimum of three scholarly sources and the use of graphics and text, and can include PDF uploads of scholarly sources, documentation, screenshots, video clips, and MP3 audio files. To assist you with the use of scholarly sources, see the Ashford University Library’s Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources table.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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