CS204 Professionalism - Theory and Practice in the Global Workplace

CS204 Unit 9 Discussion

During Unit 1, you had the opportunity to take the Self-Assessment Survey and then you took this assessment again in the Learning Activities area during this unit. Use this information to answer the questions during this unit. You will have the opportunity to reflect on both your strengths and weak areas.

This week is the last opportunity during this course to complete a self-reflection that will connect with the assignment you are completing during this unit. The Discussion requirements are slightly different during these units’ Discussions. An initial response and one response to a peer are required during this unit. While there is no minimum word requirement, addressing the topic fully will be important to earn credit. 

Many concepts have been covered during this class to give you an opportunity to delve into your professionalism in more depth. After reviewing the results of the survey, what is one area that you feel is a professional strength for you and one area that you continue to need to work on? How do you plan to work on this area that continues to need improvement?

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